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Workshop in documentary filming at Chiang Mai University.

It went very well, we / they came out with five short 5-7 min film about pollution in Chiang Mai. A traffic police. A film about the hospital and diseases caused by air pollution, one of young schoolchildren and what they think about pollution, one of the peasants and why they burn the fields and on a mesh which is the only thing they have in Chiang Mai to protect them from pollution and smoke.

Together it makes a good picture of the complexity of the pollution and the innocence that everyone feels they have to manage their own contributions to pollution. Peasant, I burn only one week each year, it surely can not be the problem .. truck driver ... those that burn waste, etc., etc.

Remind Me about 1984, and "drop in the ocean" where the director of Nordenham Titanium factory said about their dumping of waste in the North Sea "it is only a drop in the ocean.

It was five groups from the "Fine Arts Faculty", no one had previously made films, three had never touched a camera. Which come five important and good movie out of it. A successful workshop, the school and me has chosen to translate the five films into English.

Read more: http://www.dfffilmfotograferne.dk/cgi-bin/dff/uploads/media/Nyhedsbrev/1001axel.pdf

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Teaching at the University, "Media and Art" in Chiang Mai.

The teaching is progressing and they are industrious, learned final cut yesterday and is in the process of logging and load material. Making pollution stories of peasants, policemen, school children, face masks with air filters and medical students at the hospital. Writes scripts and making storyboard.

The school holds two editing rooms where we have one to this project. It is small editing suites to teach in and lecture hall is cold and boring. The best teaching is when we watch movies at night on the roof "roof top cinema" and talk about the films and compares it with their own projects.

Pupils get much out of one camera which they share among themselves and it is a really good mood also thanks to Giffe, my assistant teacher who is worth gold, it makes sense, everything I say go all the way through and is 100% understood.

Now I hope that we keep the distance and it comes five small movie out of it, so it will be a success, there may also be used in the campaign against pollution in Chiang Mai area.

Last edit: 09/12/22

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3 films at the roof top cinema. CMU Media and art.

Tuesday november 17, 8pm.

Love on delivery & Ticket to paradise.

What is the attraction of living in a remote fishing community in northern Europe? Still, this is where 575 Thai women have settled, all married to local men.

Fifteen years ago, there were almost none. But Sommai, a former sex worker from Pattaya, was there. Now, she and a group of other industrious and strong

Thai women are trying to find a husband for Sommai’s young niece Kaeh, who is in Denmark on a three-month tourist visa.

Love on Delivery is a touching, tragic and at times humorous tale of strong, decisive women who see themselves as entrepreneurs in a globalized world rather than victims of poverty and prostitution. They make great sacrifices and take high risks when they leave their children behind and travel half way around the world to marry complete strangers.


Director. Janus Metz

Tuesday november 24 8 pm, on the roof cinema.

Burma VJ a report from a closed country.

In summer 2007 a group of monks there led a rebellion, triggered by price hikes for fuel, against the dictatorship that has ruled the nation for four decades. Immediately, foreign news reporters were banished and the internet was censored. A brave group, calling itself The Democratic Voice of Burma, armed itself with digicams to record demonstrations, give voice to protestors, and to capture evidence of military brutality.

That footage, smuggled to Norway via Thailand, is raw and compelling. The story of how it was sneaked out is worthy of the best thrillers. Burma VJ is crucial testament to the will of a suffering people to ensure the world does not forget them.

Director Anders  Østergaard. Denmark.

Tuesday december 8. 8 pm. Roof top cinema.


Homo Lalandiense is a poetic-realistic documentary about Lolland and the island’s population, recorded in the autumn and winter of 1995 to 1997. A long row of destinies tells about their lives and dreams seen in the light of the vigorous and brutal nature of the island.

We meet the practical farmer, who runs a high intensive farm on some of Europe’s best land. The romantic native soil farmer who works like his ancestors. The gardener who builds a garden as protection against the wind and the hopeless landscape. The sculptor who finds magical stones in the earth and the childish prophet, who hears them in the sky with strange messages.

The Danish documentary grand prix award 1998

Director: Dan Säll 

Last edit: 09/11/13

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Golf in Thailand – Sweden – Denmark.

It has been a wonderful spring that started January 7, with a lot of sun and golf in Thailand, first at the courses around Chiang Mai and later in south Thailand where I ended up playing night golf on Laem Chabang golf course. In Thailand you have to play together with a caddie and that is a great help, nearly as good as to play together with a coach. Back here in Scandinavia it is hard to play ”alone” again, you should carry your bag, find the boll, find out o if your stand in the right position, how far it is to the green etc. But after a week in Sweden it goes better and Sunday 10-05-09 it come´s to a little culmination: My first hole in one, a fantastic feeling.

Last edit: 09/07/20

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Chiang Mai

Sunday walk in town and looking up, must say it is very impressing that anybody can find out to mount or repair in this extreme mix of electric cables but that is how it looks. No matter if it is the installation to a 5 stars hotel or the Thai boxing arena.  

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Emil Stage (my son) starting in Viborg, Jutland on Video and media school, 25 weeks in Jutland.

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The old Copenhagen telegraph.

Kirsten Kirk and Inger Mikkelsen talks about "beautiful times" from the Telegraph in Købmagerade, Copenhagen.

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Happy New Year

Here is some of the hottest New Year postcard.

Composer and artist Åke Parmerud and his wife Mireille Leblanc, Poul Madsen and Irene Scholten is also very creativ and hot. Thank you and all the other for your regards and a Happy New year.

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Christmas in Bisserup, Denmark.

Early morning christmas day. View over "Glænø inlet" just after sunrise, silent, only the sounds from whooper swan.

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Summer 1967.

Just got the certificat of completed apprenticeship as photographer.

Back after a trip in the air, in my bag lying a Hasselbad 500c, taking pictures off Munksjö paper factory..

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