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  Ancestral Land

Denmark is like a fascinating kitchen midden, a layer cake that is better viewed vertically than horizontally.

We can hardly stick a spade in the ground without bumping into the past. It can be magical but also painful. We all have feelings for the land that we live on and for that particular part of the country with which we have grown. We keep the memories stored inside ourselves as a refuge for the rest of our lives.

The characters in this film all have their own place, their own mountain, their own faith and a unique story to care and fight for. They are all pieces in a game with losers and winners.

We have followed them during four years.

My ambition and at the same time my greatest challenge has been to describe these persons in a gentle way, maintaining them in their landscapes, their cultures and the stories they themselves are creating and fighting for.

A great and visual challenge for a cinematographer and filmmaker though viewed from the sideline because as a Swede, I still after 30 years in Denmark, consider myself a new arrival.

More about the film at this website (in Danish).

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