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  The musicians of the Queen

A film about the Royal life Guards orchestra, their history and a year with the royalties seen from the musicianʼs point of view.

It is not any kind of year we are going to see. It is the time around the millennium, which offers for instant a return dinner and a important birthday. It is not any kind of orchestra, but the worldʼs oldest harmony orchestra (founded in 1658). We follow the orchestra for a year, from the daily changing of the guards to the biggest royalty events, seen from the individual musicians point of view. A row of persons and voices from the orchestra has the role as narrator, which tells what is happening right now, the historical perspective, anecdotes, dreams and visions. Other relations are told through situations, conversations, rehearsal etc.

The film is also about all the things that the audience normally doesnʼt see, the life behind the scenes. All the chaotic and stressed situations, which culminate in musically and visually glory and order.

There is a line of events, which are captured, and the orchestra visits rows of castles. Every sequence goes from chaos to a flowering harmony, and the film can as a piece of music separates be separated into movements.
Every movement has a new way or find a new angel to tell the story, both the vertical history back in time, the personal story and the actual event. In every general impression it is build up to what could be the culmination of the film, with the state visit in England and the celebration of the Queens birthday as its highlights.

The audience will identify with the persons they normally sees as extras in the big show, and experience that with out them there would be no pomp nor circumstance.

Simultaneously it obtains the paradox that the Royals are lifted up in the sphere, which no tabloid magazine could do better, while being extras humanises the royal family at the same time.

The Royal family are off duty for one time and we must believe that it is a relief, and that follows the point with making this film, which is to give a personal gift from the musicians to the Queen, a “self-portrait”.

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