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  Homo Lalandiense

Homo Lalandiense is a poetic-realistic documentary about Lolland and the island’s population, recorded in the autumn and winter of 1995 to 1997. A long row of destinies tells about their lives and dreams seen in the light of the vigorous and brutal nature of the island.

We meet the practical farmer, who runs a high intensive farm on some of Europe’s best land. The romantic native soil farmer who works like his ancestors. The gardener who builds a garden as protection against the wind and the hopeless landscape. The sculptor who finds magical stones in the earth and the childish prophet, who hears them in the sky with strange messages.

We meet the landlord whose life is to hunt and the genetic scientist who have found a special type of blood on Lolland. We glance at several other people, a walking crusader, anonymous figures and faces in a landscape of water, earth, stone, fire, sky and a mighty horizon.

The Danish documentary grand prix award 1998

Dan Säll has made a picture of the quiet characters from a passed away part of the country. He transforms the flat country to a poem that goes in to the depth of a face. You can no more say where the landscape ends and the human begins. His search in the alleys of Lolland is respectful and loving. This gift to see and describe the poetry in a grey day deserves after this jury’s opinion the Grand Prix of the festival.

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